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my mod request is for the training room in WOWS. Until WG decides to add it back in game or if they do. I know one of Hootorez mods enabled it before 0.3.1 was added. One or both these mods was the one that enable the training room. Big Crosshair 0.3.0 or Rangefinder without Alt 0.3.0 I did try to add the link for some reason having trouble  with it. I will try adding it again when I get back up for now here is the title of the topic in the NA forums. It is From EU [MOD][0.3.0]Modpack "Carnival in WoWS".    Thank you if your able to add it. 

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I found the mods in WOWS EU German forums you may want to read the whole topic before checking out all the mods. also if you do decide to update any of the mods there. click on link in post #129 it take you to a Spanish topic on the same mods with images that work




I did try to post the translated link but did something wrong where it didn't work

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...yes forbidden in the beta test, but possible ... I have Test it ;)  but I think this Game should stay Mod free... the cheater and haxors should stay at WOT and WT...there is not Place for cheaters at AW thats why I play AW (if the servers up) and never WOT/WT...

have fun

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