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Hit log display

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love the mod. Thanks for putting it together. I was just wondering if you anyone could tell me what option turns on the log of hits you receive (other people hits on you along with reload time of your latest hit)? I always use to have that turned on but now can not find it.


Also anyway to edit options with resting the while list of options?





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Should be the Damage Panels, in the installer, what you're looking for.

On the bottom of the installer, there is also a button to show more descriptions and when that is activated, you can also view pictures of most mods.


The second question I don't understand though.

Could you rephrase that?

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Since I use Gambiter its in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.7\gui\scaleform.

Open DamagePanel.xml with Notepad++. Scroll down and you will find for instance 

header named "Damage Log" there are a lot of true/false options. 


Other damagepanels should have a similar file (xml. jason. et.c)

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