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How to move effective armour calculator

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How do I move the effective armour calculator on my screen? With my resolution 1366x768 or something like that the EAC is located directly behind my consumables. A step by step would be awesome.





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Edit res_mods\0.9.7\gui\scaleform\MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml


Change this 


    <ordinateWhenTank>0.90</ordinateWhenTank>    <!-- Vertical placement of Effective armor calculation ( In percentage of lower half vertical screen resolution ). -->
    <ordinateWhenTD>0.87</ordinateWhenTD>    <!-- Vertical placement of TD GunArc Ruler ( where 0 is screen center and 1 its bottom ). -->
try different numbers up there.
generaly read what it's in comments there, should help
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So after unsuccessfully relocating EAC I just opted to load the other mod to show my angle. I now need to know how to relocate my battle clock back to the right hand corner where it used to live. It currently sits 3/4 of the way across my screen with the top half of the timer off the screen.

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Why unsuccessfull? Just change that numbers I marked for you. Make them lower, like 0.7 or something.


Dunno about battle clock, please show on screenshow what you see, you didnt post logs, i have no idea what mods you are using and that matters.

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