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Request- Coloring by tank player panel

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I do not know if this has already been done before, or if it can be done at all... however, I would like to ask if you could maybe look into it a little. If this is the wrong place for a topic like this, please let me know.

Sometimes, I don't want to play with XVM statistics enabled. If I turn it off, however, all the player panels lose color, and the white names look very strange to me. I would much prefer if there was maybe a setting in your pack to make the player panel colors be colored by tank type, similar to how the tank icons look.


For example, under this system, my name would be blue, and Muhddy(T37)'s name would be green. I think it would look much better than simply having all white names. Can you maybe see if it can be done?

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Will see about it, there might be issue when someone is installing different icon set that is changing colors.xc, anyway edit colors.xc and change proper lines to this:


    "vtype": {
      "HT": "0xFF6666",
      "LT": "0x73FF66",
      "MT": "0xFFF198",
      "SPG": "0xFFEC66",
      "TD": "0x66B3FF",



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