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★ Scorpion's Den: My Compilation of Guides, Tutorials, Useful Links & More! ★

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Welcome, and do not fret. I see that you are lost and confused, in need of guidance and support. Lucky for you, thou have stumbled into the Scorpion's Den. Aside from venomous arachnids, you shall find guides a-plenty within this humble abode.


Over the past couple of years in which I've been playing WoT, I've been cranking out guides in hopes of providing a valuable resource for players which are seeking to learn. Some of the guides are fairly simple and directed more-so towards newer players. Other guides however are rather quite complex, and may provide benefit to even seasoned veterans.


As time passes and I create more guides, I shall add on to the compilation below. Guides from other members of the Forums, and various websites / tools which I find to be very useful have also been linked here.


If these are the drones you were looking for and you are intent on staying, then sit back, turn on some pimping music and read away... all your questions shall be answered here.


My personal collection of guides:


Game Mechanics:





  • This section appears to be empty. Sad.  Fear not however! It shall be added to very, very soon! Smile_Default.gif


Good Sportsmanship:




A compilation of guides from other players:


Other valuable resources / links often used:


Additional Links for Easy Access:


Popular and / or very good YouTube Channels & TwitchTV Streamers:


I would like to mention that some of my guides linked above are on the old side. I will go through all of the guides within this Thread soon, and update them with more accurate and up-to-date information. Most of the content within the guides is still very viable, some of it merely needs some revising.


I genuinely wish you all the best of luck and fun, both in-game and in real life. I hope this collection of guides and other links proves to be useful. As long as I can help others, it's all worth it. =)


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