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Consistent Problem in 9.8

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python.logpost-720-0-06136100-1433380687_thumb.jpgpost-720-0-60011500-1433380714_thumb.jpgpost-720-0-60377600-1433380701_thumb.jpg_Aslain_logs.zipHi, I did a full cache clearing of dlc and game cache and fresh install of latest aslain release, Can't see player lists, or any over target markers or contour icons. Some garage mods work most don't, not even the clock... fortunately have female crew. It's a crazy zen mode to play with just the minimap and no OTM to help discern tanks from background. A little hard tho. Autoaim, reload time, damage panels mostly work now. Here are the latest logs, thank you for your help.



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Feh I used windows uninstall to take of aslains 4.47 as I have done before with the bugged pack, and now tanks won't launch after the launcher (hit play, nothing happens). Sad, toys are broken. need to uninstall tanks? Something about HD textures standard client? 9.7 has worked fine as have many previous releases. 

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