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  1. Not sure if you're just playing or trying to insult me - but no there were no home computers in 1978..
  2. I'm glad they are removing cheats, but I don't like that some of the mods that have always been legal are now not legal..too used to using them now..I will just quit playing. Having so much engine problems anyways that is unplayable for me..so now is as good a time as any to quit.
  3. I have a similar issue, using the modpack lately I have 60 fps but the gameplay is so choppy I can't play.. :\ didn't used to be this way..not sure if WG implemented some mod detection that might be affecting the game..or what...but I can't seem to fix my issue..on the verge of quitting.
  4. Yeah since the last modpack I think all the contours are messed up..with Arab Contours it still shows vanilla icons.
  5. All of those broken for me as well so then I deleted my eentire game install, redownloaded, and all worked again. But now I just updated to today's Aslain pack and all three are not working again.
  6. Same issue here, PMOD worked last pack update - now PMOD and Yassen don't work.
  7. I can't start my game as of a couple hours ago either, I think it is because XVM is down for maintenance.
  8. Oh guys, I have been away for like 6 months I forgot about the expiration on the reloads mod, sorry about that :) Thanks for the update :))
  9. I am looking for the log files but I don't have an _Asalins log file only install/mod listing. I found the Python file. The OTM reload stopped working randomly and I have tried a fresh install with fresh options 3 times, tried animated circle and text both no longer working.
  10. I reinstalled and it corrected itself, thanks bud. Now my issue is I got a new 1440p monitor instead of 1080 and the LAMP dmg panel everything is misaligned...guess I have to do some manual adjustments. Anyone play at 1440p and have any recommended DMG panels that work out of th ebox?
  11. Hey all :) Been many many months since I have played..thought I might mess around a little. I installed my pack and the Multihitlog I saw the option for upper logs on right but it is still on the left overlapping my normal hitlog. Did I miss something? Thanks :)
  12. Thanks for the tip :) That was annoying me, even though it doesn't really affect anything. OCD for the win!
  13. I am using LAMP and I just realized that there are no icons for my repair kid, med kit and fire ext. Funny as I have played about 20 games tonight and doing really well and only just noticed... Will do more testing but I dunno what other mod could it be besides the dmg panel. Edit:/ Well crap, I reinstalled and it works now, something must have been conflicting/messed up...my apologies :)
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