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GambitER Blocked/Total dmg info

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Currently (4.4.6) when using Damage Log GambitER 0.1.1 beta info bar is on the top right corner [1]. This is doing some overlapping for me and it's not easily seen. Couple of versions ago when you introduced new Gambiter i swear i could see this info bar being here [2] (in between of chat and tank section on the left). Could you please do that again ?


Thanks in advance.



[1] - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/nzvafek4f4ssupy/2015-06-03_12-10-07.png?dl=0

[2] - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ukybq9gdqyvx421/2015-06-03_12-11-17.png?dl=0

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I forgot to say i'm using a bit of an silly/idiotic resolution :D


1152 x 864


It's a maximized windowed res :D



Thanks for consideration. And please don't turn it off. It's a lovely info panel :)


How about adding it to below of own team's names like that other mod was doing.

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