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Frequent game crash

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1. I get a lot of game crashes exactly when the battle loading screen should appear showing the table with all players, especially when playing in a platoon.

2. When playing clan wars or in a platoon, when I click Ready, the WoT logo appears showing that the game is loading, but the screen freezes just like that, and I have to close the game with Task Manager.


Please help! :( this issue has been around since the 9.8 update. At version 4.4.10 things were looking better, way less crashes, but now with 4.4.12 it`s more frequent than ever.



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Yes, game still crashes. From what i`ve seen, it crashes exactly when the stats from xvm should appear in the battlelog, at the beginning of a match. In a fraction of a second, the outline of the table appears, and when the numbers should appear, PUF! Desktop... :( please help, it`s very annoying

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I have a similar problem to this, only the game is going in taskbar and I can't enter in it anymore, I have to close it from task manager.This happens sometimes from 5 to 5 minutes...sometimes not at all in a day. I don't know for sure if the mods are to blame but if anyone had this problem I would really like some solutions cause I don't know what else to do

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I have had this issue twice using prior modpacks, including Aslain's. Sometimes your computer just does a funky install, and does some stuff it shouldn't. The easiest remedy for this, albeit time-consuming, is to clean out your Res_Mods folder completely and then uninstall the entire WOT client. Then, do a fresh reinstall of the WOT client, let it do it's mega updates, and then reinstall your favorite mods. It's horrible, and lengthy, I know....but it works.

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