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Tank View Extended

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Is there any way you can fix tank view extended to support a toggle key?  It is too much info for me most of the time, and makes it hard to glance at mini map and find ME.  It would be nice if I could just 'turn it on' when I need it.


I looked at author's page and he said it has support for that, but it's turned off by default.  I looked on my system and can't find any editable config file.

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Thanks for pointing that out Quaksen.  I didn't realize I could edit json files.  In any event it kinda worked, but not in an acceptable manner.


In the installer, I chose to ONLY show enemy direction.  Depending on which key code I insert in the json file it either turns on JUST ally lines, or BOTH ally and enemy lines, and once it has been activated, I cannot make them go away.  The message pops up saying it has been turned off, but the lines stay.  Clearly it is ignoring my selection via installer.


So do you think I did something wrong, or maybe it only works with XVM minimap (I us Locastan)?


Quoted from author's page "ability to define a toggle key code to (permanently) turn the mod on or off with it (you need to press and hold the key during the battle, off by default as it could bring some performance penalty"

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