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LAMP DMG panel - Dmg icons not lighting up orange

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The color of damaged crew/tank is not showing...very faint orange outline so is hard to repair or see what is damaged.


Using LAMP Damage panel, Aslain's style.


I posted this in shoutbox before but keep forgetting to get a screenshot so I could report it.


Bah, when I use replays, the icon shows up properly...orange.  in game it's as if the orange is BEHIND the gray icon so you can't see it.  


I will try to take pic DURING a match so you can see...on replays it seems to correct itself...oddly.




Got pic finally, as you can see there is a faint orange BEHIND the gray icon for driver..it's as if it's a layer behind instead of on top or replacing the original.    When I die all the icons turn orange as normal..but while alive..it's not working..been this way for the last several updates.

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