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Replacement mods for spoter mods

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Hi fellow tankers :)


I liked spoter mods, especially vehicle_extended and quest_extended. Too bad they are removed from the modpack. I trust Aslain that there is an issue with privacy and stuff.


I'm asking if there is a similar mod that shows current personal mission objectives for selected vehicle in the garage window.

Such mod will save me few clicks to check what mission I'm on with currently selected vehicle.

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I will find some replacements. There is one for Crew Extended and something similar but not as pretty to Vehicle Exp, as for Quests Extended it's obsolete imho, since the game UI tells you all that info already and follow you up.


IMHO there is privacy violation, I don't want users to be tracked by mods, I don't know any mods that tracks you, it's just spoter stuff that does this. If the mod checks for updates it's perfectly fine, but when it sends your WG-ID, or IP it's not fair. XVM is a different thing, it has to send such data, to show you stats, everyone agrees on that on their webpage by clicking and activating stuff, but spoter is forcing it, so it's a no go.

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Just one question Aslain or request :


Could we have a list of mods that were removed from the installer plz ?


Because form me just spoter mods isn't really telling me what I'm "losing" with those mods not being in the modpack anymore.


So if anyone could give me such a list I'd be really grateful.


Thanks in advance.

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