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Partial Of Modern War Sounds Pack (Gun Reloading)


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I found some sound bites from the modern war sounds pack that have to do with the UI in vehicle and i always load them after i load your mod pack. I know that in your mod sounds you have a section (Gun Reloading) where you list Up, Sabot UP etc. in this pack there is the same thing with a few small additions. In the MWS Pack there is a sequence that says "UP STANDBY" or "SABOT UP STANDBY"  these sounds are in the gui_mwsm_3.2.1L_bank02.fsb i have attached the zip below I thought that it might be great to have these gun reload sounds in addition to what you currently have... it could be a selection something like:









i realize this is simple and maybe a bit redundant, but for me it just helps with a bit more game immersion and more of that is always better.


There is also a few other gun reloading effects you might consider its not alot and easy to thumb thru. 


For anyone else who is curious you can listen to wot .FSB sound files through an extractor and windows media player. I use FSB Extractor its a very simple program that can be downloaded from their website here http://aezay.dk/aezay/fsbextractor/

ui (modern).zip

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