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serious lag with xvm

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hope this is the right forum for this disscission.


im not sure if i have a setting issue or if i have other issues with xvm???


when i use the latest downloads 9.12.2 or 9.12.3 I get a serious lag in game play. I have unchecked the "show tank tier" box at the start of launch in the settings menu, as instructed in the " how to install files" instruction  


can anyone point me in the right direction for this.


ps I also have my graphics settings set at medium running HD


if I uninstall the xvm update the lag goes away.


thanks for any help

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It might be XVM itself and nothing to do with Aslain's specific pack. Or ir might be a mod in the modpack unrelated to XVM too.

My game isn't lagging but for one thing.

When playing scumb... err arty, when traversing my tank, the traverse lines and direction of tank on the minimap are WAY behind, slow, choppy. It might be related to your problem. I don't think the problem shows up with any other class of tanks but I'm normally not looking at the minimap when wiggling my tank around but watching where I'm driving instead. I'll try and pay attention to it next time I play.

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That sounds way worse than my problem. Have you tried installing XVM only with no other mods at all and see if that solves it ? If it does you can then install your separate mods one by one until you catch the culprit.

You should post that in the bug section of the forum too :)

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cant get it any cleaner the Hard drive was replaced at best buy 2 weeks ago and i only use the coputer basically for the WOT game

Use avg as a anti virus and defrag yesterday with no improvements.

the one thing I have done is upgrade windows from 8.1 to windows 10 but don't think that is the issue

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ty for info.

i did remove the tank lamps it was an issue.


also loaded the minimuim trying find other xvm issues, with the 9.12.2 i tried to load just the targeting mod , the garage, dead tank color "white" with no other mods and it lagged but not quit as bad.


are there any changes that should be made in the graphics file at launch??


my computer is a Dell inspiron 17 5000 series, with a Geforce840 video card, 64 bit operating system and 8.00 GB ram


I find it strange though that the lag goes away if I uninstall xvm I feel its a setting I need to change or a file I need to remove.


oo I did try the SD yesterday and found it didn't help at all in some ways it was actually worse, so went back to HD to solve issue



ps thanks for the help and info so far and defragmenting now

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wow bought the PC tune up package for my AVG virus protection used that to clean up hard drive and optimize my settings OMG what a huge difference its made I have Aslains mods I normally use all loaded and not a glitch, also play in HD mode and runs great have an FPS over 40.


tune up package found over 480duplicate files mostly in the world of tanks file folder


thanks for the help and advise it was appreciated

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