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An audio fix option


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Hello Aslain ^^


There is one thing about mods that add things to res/audio folder using a res_mods/'version_number'/audio destination - it makes them the only sounds loaded. This issue can be fixed by copying the current version's res/audio files to res_mods/'version_number'/audio BEFORE installing any mods.


This wouldn't take any space in the installer itself, tough it would take circa 700 MB on users' data drives, if they would potentially choose such an option. I do it always manually, as I install mods in separate directory and download them in parts, as the DLC server sometimes "refuses to work" ^^ and crashes the installer.


I think such an option might be desirable by some users - especially those that are not aware that THIS is exactly the issue of missing gui sounds and some other ones.


Hope you might take it into consideration ^^

Good Luck & Tank On!



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