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minimap zoom when pressing "w" for forward

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Without doing anything to the installation, or changing any configuration I started the first battle of the day and when pressed w to move forward the minimap maxmized like when I was pressing Ctrl.


I unistalled XVM manually, did several tests, and finally I TOTALLY uninstalled WOT and re-installed it using the lates installed just downloaded from WOT official website.

Does enyone have an idea how can I fix that?

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I downloaded the latest XVM Updater (2.7) from this page http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/196435-xvm-updater-27-one-click-installupdate/


This happens with whatever configuration. Even if I use latest stable XVM version (5.3.4) or the last nightly built (3198) both with WN8 configuration.

Could you please tell where can I find XVM logs?


Thank you!

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Start wit showing up on what do you have inside hotkeys.xc. (in res_mods....)


Here is some info about it http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/


Can you pack up your res_mods (if it's small, up to 10MB) and share for investigation?


Have you tried to wipe out the WoT cache? (you can do it via my installer) - cannot promise it should do it, but always something. Backup your preferences.xml just in case.

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It seems you are using own XVM config file which binds Minimap Zoom to key coded as 17. However some hotkeys in XVM has changed lately and 17 now stands for "W". Change the hotkey in your xvm.xc to 29 (CTRL) and everything should be fine. I had same issue myself. 

 { "minimapZoom":
  { "enabled": true, "keyCode": 17, "onHold": true }

should be changed into this:

 { "minimapZoom":
  { "enabled": true, "keyCode": 29, "onHold": true }
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