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Bug for mod

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Thank you again for Aslain Mods however I have a few problems. (Sorry in advance. I am French with a very poor level in English.)

I currently have installed the latest update for the mods but I notice bugs on 3 of them minimum.

- The last known position of the saw tanks. I have the name of the chariot and player but I do not have the icon of the chariot of the place where it was. (Example: triangle TD)

-J'utilise Damage by XFT panel. However I have no icon when I destroy a tank. Example: green target char normally destroyed explosion icon to ammorack

-Tir Ally and enemy wreck. Hangs on ally but not wreck when I tested two choices.

These are not big bus but a bit annoying and I do not understand where it came from. I've emptied the caches of the game and installation. The screens are coming to represent better.

If someone has an answer. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Aslain :

    At first, I have to say sorry for my poor English.

It crash when I use the mini map or to zoom in, It seem from Ver. 9.12.10. Special at I use mod in SPG and some time will happen in other tanks.


ps: Forgot to take a screen shot. Maybe will post at next time.

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