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Windows10 and Aslains

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Ok, just installed W10 a few days ago and ran an Aslain's update and everything went fine until the very end, where i could not install, there were no "buttons" to activate.


I re-ran it in Windows Compatibility mode and was able to run it but it looks like i'll need to run it that way every time.  Not a big hassle but thought i'd bring it up here.



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I'm using a 24" ASUS with 1920x1080 resolution, but i don't change the resolution, just whether i run the Modpack as an Administrator, or in Windows Compatiblity (actually its the Troubleshoot Compatiblity option when you Right Click).


It works then..just thought i'd post it up...and btw...thanks for all your work on the ModPack!


OH!  just discovered something...


IF i don't check that option on the opening screen "Enable Sound/Image Preview by Default" it runs fine from Administrator mode, if i DO check it, i get the screen as you see above.  Just checked this with the latest update 9.12.18

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Mojo I have had this issue for several of the latest versions. Just go through the selection and hit enter when you get what you want selected. Now you have brought it up I am certain it will be addressed.

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