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expD error: no data for current tank

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The question I have is, will that affect the overall wn8. I checked my wn8 the other day and it was sitting around 2845. I played the bulldog last night for about 70 games and checked again today and it said I was at 2842. I also have the ingame wn8 mod and it kept telling me that I was avg'ing around 3500 wn8 for the games. Is this right? Once they have data for the bulldog or the other new tanks will that affect the data for all these tanks again?

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Would, probably, have to ask people over at WoTLabs or XVM, in order to find out if the calculations will be retroactive.


I can only imagine that, for now, the WN8 results for the new tanks are based on existing tanks that are very similar (of the same tier/type).

So you won't get accurate results until they collect more statistics, I guess.


If the calculations will be retroactive, it can go either way.

If they set the parameters higher than what it will be later, your WN8 should be better later on (best case scenario, imo).

If they set them too low though, your stats will drop once those games will be evaluated again.


But as I said, you should ask this in the other forums, as this is only my opinion.

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