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Camera Freeze

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Dear Aslain

In almost every battle my camera freezes, my turret freezes, cant shoot etc and if i force quit the game i cant log back in till the battle is over.

This happens in almost every battle, in almost every tank(exept SPG's where i can still move the eagle-eye cam and shoot but my turret and aims dont work)...

Seems like mouse gets off the game although i can ping the minimap somehow... :/

I've done several reinstalls trying different mods, including the client itself but problem persists.(plus tried it in 2 computers to avoid hardware problems)

Unmodded works just fine




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Do you monitor your hardware and graphics settings?


It might be possible that your preferences.xml got reset and with that, the graphics are pretty high.

If that'd be the case and your graphics card can't handle imporved graphic setting, that could probably cause freezes and crashes.

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Guess that rules that out then.


Are you using any sort of different languages on your PC (like greek, english, asian keyboard layouts)?

I'm asking because your installer comp list is totally crippled for me and that used to happen to other files when the above was in use.

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I see.

Good thing then, that you found the issue yourself and everything is running fine now.


As for clan icons, I believe that you simply have to wait for Wargaming/XVM to have those displayed ingame.

Last time I've read about it, they said that it can take some time for them to be ingame and nothing that you can do about it.

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Yea, it's probably really hard at times, since you can never really tell if the issue is caused by the mods or is some sort of local issue.

I mean, you can't know everything all the time and there is always the chance that it's an issue with the user's PC or the user itself (can't even create a folder on the desktop) and so on.


That's why his answers sometimes can sound a bit harsh but they really aren't. Can't be the PC-fixer for thousands of people. >_<

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