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In Game Problems.

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So I downloaded the mod pack and followed all instructions to the letter, but when I got in the game it didn't work at all.  First: the statistics didn't show even when I've gone to the XVM website and enables the stats.  Then, when hitting tab to look at the team list, both player names and vehicle names for everyone simply said "null".  Then into the game: the minimap icons were completely black and I had no vehicle name/player name or any icon above both friendlies or enemies, so playing the cam was completely impossible.  I have no idea what happened as this has happened with every XVM mod I have tried to install.

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Could not reproduce this on my PC :( I suggest to reinstall the game.

hello ,i have the same problem,i used to have windows 8.1 and every thing work normal but after changing the windows to 7 the probelm started ,so please find a solution coz playing without ur xvm is sucks,regards

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