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Red orange color blind


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As stated above i am red orange color blind. In my case i am also legally blind so playing this game is hard for me. I use a hand held magnifier to look at the information provided in game to figure out what the tactical situation is current in the game. While increasing the in game font size would be helpful i am afraid that it would clutter up the the game (do not try to type something and expect me to respond), what i am hoping you include is a button to swap the orange color to green.

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Currently I have Blue vs Orange, you want me to replace Orange with Red in this scheme (I already have Blue vs Red) ? Or create new scheme, in this case what exactly colors you want? For enemy, ally, squadman. What about hit colors, which one you want for enemy hitting ally, ally hitting enemy, enemy hitting squadman, squadman hitting enemy and so on and on.

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