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Version  after install of this version 1st battle went well.  When I started 2nd battle screen locked just prior to battle (where all tanks are listed).  Nothing helped - shut down and restarted - still hung same place.



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Good morning,


    I am having similar issues on loading screen. Game sits there loading tanks in...all except for me. Now here's the kicker...only happens when I am in a platoon. When the status bar at the bottom is orange I know I will have the issue of not getting into battle. When the status bar is red I load just fine. Weird. I then need to ctrl+alt+del to get out and shut down the game. In task manager it shows as running...not "not responding". When I restart typically I get right in. I did try AIO mod to see if I would have the same issue and did not. That being said I am back to your mod pack even with that platooning issue.


  Otherwise this mod pack is fantastic.


  Your logs are attached.







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