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Game keep showing loading


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Maybe you have too many replays in your replay folder.

It can take a while to load like several thousand replays.


You could try to put most of your replays into another folder and only leave like 1-10.

Then try out the replay manager again and see if it is loading them.


If that then works, you simply might have to wait a long time for all of your replays to be loaded.

I'm not using the mod but it might also be possible that it has issues with replays prior to 9.3.

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But there are 5 replays  :mellow: and temp file.

I've tried it out and installed it as well and I see the same; it's stuck on loading the interface.

I guess this mod is bugged for 9.3 then or just bugged in combination with some other mod(s).


So yea, might have to ask in the other forum for a possible fix and not use it for now.


Sorry that I/we can't help more atm. =(

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