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Zeiss sniper camera mod not working

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In this version of the mod pack and the previous version, the Zeiss sniper camera mod has been completely broken, as in the game is unplayable with it installed. Installed it from the new download today, and clicked on the "Zeiss zoom sniper x15" option along with my other chosen mods. Installed the mods, launched Warships, and the port screen was completely graphically broken. Couldn't see the ships, couldn't even see water, just a lot of warped and stretched smears of distortion.


I then closed Warships, and launched the modpack installer again. The only change I made was to remove the Zeiss mod I had picked, and I left everything else the same. Launched Warships, and it worked 100%. So, there's something with the Zeiss mod that's causing an issue.

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