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Reload announcer

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Maybe it depends on how you use the mod and the reload.

The way I use reload and the mod is that I actually reload with "R" and only use the mod to announce things in chat (like, how many seconds I've left on reload or how many shells I've left if I'm in an autoloader) when I feel it is needed.

People usually couldn't care less if you're reloading or not and are likely getting the gist by watching you drive away/hide anyway.


It, probably, get's a bit "buggy" when you use the "C" key for reloading, so the mod reports your current status first (how many shells you have left) and then the game starts the reload.


But, I guess, it depends on what information you want to "spam". I'm not a fan of the constant "I'm spotted" or "I'm reloading" BS myself, especially when those people are on other flanks and I have absolutely no interest in having that information; but to each their own, I suppose.

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