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No Crew voices in Battle

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I have no crew voices in battle. At least only from time to time. It is about the game Internal crew voices. Is since 02.04.2016 or 03.04.2016
Modifications are installed (Attach Files)
1. I installed the Modpack without Sound Mods
2. I have also the game reinstalled
3. I was hoping that with this update, the matter would be resolved:
v9.14.29 (09-04-2016):
- updated XVM (5389)
- updated 15m circle mod (displays a 15m circle around your vehicle on F9 key)
- updated XVM's config (battle.xc)
- applied dirty fix to sound error caused by WG in python.log [not compatible with certain crew voices]
- fixed encoding in german translation
Unfortunately, it is still as before :(


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Today came a new version of the modpack, if you want to give that a try.

Also, make sure to select the "default" voices in the WoT ingame settings.


If neither helps, please check if voices are working in vanilla (per replay) and see if just running the installer and not installing any sound mods breaks it again.

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Hello and sorry for the late reply,

crew voices in the Replays going but unfortunately still not in the Game (At least only from time to time).


I have installed the Modpack without Sound mods and then again with. No matter how there is no change.

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Ingame Voice: Standard - The Testbutton is working.


I hope that these are all the Logs.


Edit (15.04.2016):


Last night worked these again. I hope again today.


I noticed that the voices are very silent compared to before (WoT version 9.13)


Edit2 (17.04.2016):


1. From time to time these go back not, but this can be fixed by pressing the test button in the settings.


2. After installing the new Modpack [v9.14.34 (16-04-2016)] I had no gun sounds more.


I will search times further, to what is situated.


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