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[HELP] struggling with mission Light 15 (operation STUG IV)

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I'm not sure where to post, so tell me if it's in the wrong section.


I'm trying to achieve light mission 15 on the campaign "Operation STUG IV"


Here is the mission :

Primary :

-Assist your team in doing 4'000 damage to enemy vehicles by spotting enemy vehicles or tracking them.

Secondary :

- Survive the battle


So, i'm trying hard to achieve that.


Here are 2 of my replays, where at the end i was like "whaaaaaaaaat, missed !?"


First one :


Here i got 1926 dmg, and 1114 assist dmg. 3040 in total.


Second one :


Got 1439 dmg, and 1532 spotting dmg. 2971 in total.


Those 2 games are really my best so far on the ELC, i'm not sure what i could do different, or improve to achieve the 4k dmg


Any advice to give me on my play style ?


Or any comment on those two games ?


Thanks a lot

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My best advise is to simply try to do it with a higher tier light tank.

The chances of getting more dmg per vehicle spotted are just better (if you spot 1 tier 10 tank, you can get the same amount of dmg as spotting like 4 tier 5 tanks).


Obviously, most of those missions are mainly based on luck (like almost everything in WoT) and on many other factors, such as crew, equipment/consumables and positioning.


If everything else fails (and maybe when your light tank is stuck in battle), you could just try to do some missions with arti as well and see if you can get it done that way.

Also gives you some extra credits and another female crew member.

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