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Top Gear crew voice pack?

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I can't see Aslain going into the massive job that it'll be to convert that big sound mod from the old FMOD sound system into the new Audiokinetic Wwise system.

You're better off asking the author of the mod, to update it, but don't get your hopes up :)

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Well, I just mentioned why it's not really there anymore, the same fate many other sounds mods are hit by.


9.14 introduced a new sound engine into the game. Audiokinetic Wwise.

Prior to 9.14, the game was using the FMOD sound engine.


And as far as I've looked up, it's a lot of manual work to convert. So many mods have sadly died due to that.

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Oh okay,  I get it!
That explains why so much other sounds are missing... Thank you for the info (and for explaining it to a computer-dummy like me).

I really hope someone would update the mod, though. WOT is just not the same without it!
If I knew how to do this kind of stuff I'd be glad to waste hours of my time updating it...

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