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Aslain mods on Apple mac

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I have a friend of mine that is playing WOT on an apple mac using the mac version and loader provided by the wargaming.


I suggest him to download the "Aslain's XVM Mod Only v9.14.11".


But he is unable to see the tank names in the playing tanks but only little squares. It sees correctly the names of them on left and right lists.


It seems to me a problem of font but I was unable to understand how to fix.

Is there someone that can suggests something ?





probably the best way is to zip my res_mods (populated by aslain modpack) and then let him unzip and use it.





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I've no experience with apple mac myself but a quick google says that you can use windows fonts on mac.

Aslain's puts a font folder in your main WoT directory (_fonts_for_Aslains_Modpack), which should contain all the needed fonts.


Your friend can try to put those fonts into the Fonts folder on their mac (should be something like: users > your home directory > library > fonts) and see how that goes.

Not sure if you need to install them (by double-clicking or right-clicking+install) or if they work right away.


Just giving them your res_mods content shouldn't be of any use, since the operating system itself doesn't know the appropriate fonts.

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Without picture im going to guess that its the Over Target Markers that 

doesnt show correctly.


If Almace suggestion fails try changing fonts in markersAliveNormal.xc 

from    Italic/Calibri    to     Consolas. Change sizes if necessary.


P.S. Left/right lists are Players Panels, aka "Ears".

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