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Is everyone prepared for 5.5.0

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I see wows is going to release 5.5.0 on the N.A. Servers starting April 27.  Looking forward to the rain. I also read in the release note that there are going to be changes to a few ships. The Pensacola gets some armor added. That is great. The IJN line of DDs gets the trops tweaked with along with the Russian line of DDs trops and mains . Note not all the DDs only the ones listed on the release notes. I see that there are going to be in game crosshair selection.   

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They are making a lot of changes to the file system in 0.5.5. I am wondering how this will affect not only Aslain's mod pack but all the others out there as well. Will this change basically eliminate the use of mods? Will it make it harder to make mods work in the game? How will this affect the Aslain mod pack?

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From what I read on the release notes War Gaming is going to make it more difficult for mods with the WOWS game. But hey don't give up hope nothing is impossible and Aslain is one of the best, so mods will most likely happen sooner than you think.

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Package compression and mods

It’s worth pointing out two more things. First, these new file packages are not compressed – we will introduce that in future iterations to reduce the amount of space the game takes up on your hard drive.

Second, packages in World of Warships cannot be read using conventional archiving software and require a special tool to see the contents. While this means that file access for mod makers is now restricted, we are open to sharing the necessary tools with modders from our community.

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World of Warships - Update Release on 28.04.2016

Greetings Captains!

A patch to fix the UI issue in World of Warships will be released on 28.04.2016 03:00 PT for World of Warships. The server will not be available for 90 minutes.

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