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Im having this problem,trying to remove this anoying text by going,to the battle.xc and there i dont find anything to disable it...keep looking and found something in "battlelabelstemplates" and found the same text but cant deactivate it,can some one help me?


I install aslain mods and after that i paste my xvm.xc with my own defenitions my xvm.xc its kinda old version "configVersion": "5.0.2",
  "editorVersion": "0.76",


If someone can help me i would apreciate it.


My xvm.xc is there if u can fix it aslain i would apreciate it a lot.



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I know its old....but i kinda like it :P


So if i add that do my xvm.xc it will work?


Can i put it in any place?


Can u pls do that i was looking to the fxvm.xc and i dont know where to put it,if u can edit and post the file i apreciate it m8.

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It belongs to battle.xc


So I guess it should be something like this:


  "battle": {
    "clanIconsFolder": "clanicons/",
    "clockFormat": "H:N",
    "elements": [

    "highlightVehicleIcon": true,
    "mirroredVehicleIcons": false,
    "showPostmortemTips": true,

    "allowLabelsOnBattleInterface": false


Added the xvm.xc file, but no clue if it'll work. I haven't touched such an old file before :D


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