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Network services inactive

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worldoftanks 2016-05-09 13-49-21-85.pngHi,

I just built a new pc and did a full install of windows, so i had to reinstall Wot, and i installed Aslains mod pack, everything in the mod works but the xvm stats(i cannot see win8 ratio's, player stats, etc) and it says in the notification center in game "Network services inactive" I went to xvm's site to make sure they still were active and it is, So i was wondering if anyone had this problem before and if so how i go about fixing it.

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6 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Go to http://modxvm.com/en/ and click on "Activate services" and then login. :)

I have already done that yesterday and as i stated above the xvm site says it's active but i's not active ingame.




I had to go to settings in xvm and uncheck everything launch my game, exit my game recheck everything, relaunch the game again and now it is working.

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