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Ship Detect-ability Range on Map

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That is so cool and a brilliant idea IMO, the freedom the developers give to the amateur hobbyists is truly a good relationship between the producer and the user.. I mention this because (even if this has always been on their to-do list and that this is not an example of the developer learning or taking ideas from the user to improve or enhance game play) it seems to be made evident that these developers in particular do indeed care about the desires of the player and either let them work out their own wishes but modding or taking feedback from the community. Lol I certainly don't know how good WG is at taking feedback or criticism, but allowing the community to mod is certainly showing their willingness to make the player happy and possible even take some theoretical load off their shoulders simply by saving them from having to do work / implement the idea themselves. I wish War Thunder had this big of a player base because their content development kit (CDK) has been out for at least 2 whole years and the activity isn't all that optimistic. Facinates me that this developer is giving access to the engine; control over the environment settings, flight mechanics, weapon properties; creation testing and utilization of custom models that (later to be implemented) we can actually play each other online in custom battles with the user made content as opposed to right now only being able to do it by oneself, though you can share on the website so it has great potential. Amazing to think about, you can make the level, design the mission, create the units as well as driving and flying them, and sharing them, soon to be battling one another and doing coop missions. 


Lol sorry for the ramble, I simply have one statement in reply to your message, but I felt like going on about that because I see it as another step in the evolution of video game development, plus, the more people that know about the CDK the more that can experiment! So many people don't know and this is like exactly what made IL-2 so great! Full control over every aspect of the game!




So, the NA dev mentioned adding the detect circle, but was anything said about the other 2 circles? I remember 3 in total. I know the furthest was how far I can shoot at distanceMAX, one of the other two was when I can be spotted, and what's the last? Torpedo detect range? I honestly just thought that for the first time but I'm curious what it is if that's not the case and I'm also interested in this podcast you mention or what you heard from the developer. 





Thanks for the info, have a great ______!


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