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Inconsistancy with Disabling the Login Movie

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I have selected a different "loading" picture (Squad) and Disable the login movie (Zuiho).  The loading picture is changed, but the first time I get the login screen, the movie is playing in the background.  If I log in and choose "disconnect from server" when takes me back to the login screen, I see the Zuiho picture.  If I close the game and restart, then the movie plays again.  I get the Zuiho picture again if I log in and then "disconnect from server" again.


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Weird.. I ran the modpack installer again to change to a different DLC port and the problem I described was reversed, showed picture after starting the game and the login movie when I disconnected, but only two times.  The third time, it was back to the way I originally described the problem.  No changes on my side, just starting the game, logging out, logging in and out, then restarting the game.  In case there is a difference in the logs, other than the port change, I included them again.


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I cannot reproduce that issue from the first post, I saw all things properly. Never reversed or animated video


As for the second logs, I could reproduce that issue (animation instead of zuiho). Why this happens, no clue.... These both mods don't share same files so no clue.

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