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Sync like solution instead of the "daily package"


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I am ralatively new in modding games, this (WOWS) is the second modded game. The first was  the ArmA III.

At that there is a little program, what is a big help for the mod-user communities, its name Arma3Sync 

With it, if there is a host (e.g. the communities main server, where all the contents are stored) , it can sync itself as the joining client, what do a checksum like thing, and if there is a difference (negative, or positive), it mark it, different color, and if the user want, it can do acts (dowloading, or deleting stuff) [ by the idee to all client who joining to the server get the same wersions of the mod, to not cause bugs], and it is basicly works like a launcher, so then after all modification, it can launch the game...

It can hadle several packs from the same source, so it makes selec the modpack what i want, it means it manages only that




Using BittorrentSync what would lead to the a similar result. (but it can not handle folder level selection, as i know)





Is it possible chanche to see back with the AslainPack these-like methods (syncing, direct, live), or the number of users (or anything else, but then what?) makes it impossible?


I ask it, because it would reduce the datatransfer (in the pack there is several things what not everybody uses), downoading time (do not need to download what i dont want), hotfixing maybe faster (do not need to change a big pack for 0,1 MB error, but its pops up , if that fixed, right before my game session) etc.



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That's about all I'll add, lol.


It sounds like a really bad idea. Sometimes you've installed a version where everything works to your satisfaction, and not wanting to update, if things doesn't affect you in any significant way.


Also this way, if a bug sneaks in, it'll affect everyone using it, instead of just the few that updated to it.


Also, the data transfer will be an issue in this case. We've all seen how the website dies when everyone rushes in to get the new modpack when a new version of World of Tanks is out.

Right now, (I think) most of the data is handled by sites like MediaFire and such.

If it was all to be handled by the website... ugh... RIP website. :P


We'll see what Aslain has to say.. :)

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To clarify:


I  wanted to mention a system where you can select what mods you fallow, also if there is a change you have the option to not update. Also if the user updated to a good version earlier, (s)he can launch the game normally, without launching anything else. 


if a bug sneaks in

Into the mentioned program? yeah, but it would have its benefits too...


big update effects: I know how big could be the demand for the mods ( once my speed what[ 30/3 Mb/sec], was outperformed, by torrent, when a big modpack dropped for ARMA [it was 56/5,5] then, because i cached as a 100th, when about 5-100000 user wanted the same 7-10 gb data at the same time) , also i dont thought this should handled by the website's server, but also, if a new pack drops here, the site recives a lot of request, isn't it? Also as i think, this site does not get that much peak, but pls clarify me!


This is where the secondly mentioned option comes in: it works like any torrent, so the users generate the downloadable source too so after a big peak, the source is everywhere, and the speeed is up high.



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