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Freezing up leaving battle going to Garage

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Same issue, it takes 1-2 minutes after leaving the battle to load the garage or the battle results. I'll try disabling XVM, will report back with the results.


edit: also sometimes it just straight up drops me from the server. I have no connection issues otherwise.


edit2: I disabled XMQP in the menu on the modxvm.com website, works like a charm now. Thanks Spymate!

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Hi As I have reported I have the same problem, but

If you are waiting after the frozen screen, than a certain time, it tries to step back to the garage, and than it jumps to the connection screen and saying fail to connected.

so in my opinion something interrupts the server conection and therefore the frozen screen after the battle.

it could be WG problem or also XVM or othe mod which is need to connect after the battle and disturbing the connection to WG server

It doesnt matter on which server i was playing. EU1 or EU2


MAybe this information was useful to solve this issue if it is your concern.


Thanks to solve if you can


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Hi guys solution to this maybe this, I was crashing to but then went in and in my main game settings unticked the "enable x16, x25" box in the battle interface settings as I use one of the zoom scripts in xvm, since then its worked perfectly no crashing at all.


Regards Rex

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