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WN8 updated colours 5.10


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Here is now official colors.xc: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/13460-xvm-color-config-updated/


Personally I don't think it's very good. In forum signatures colors look very good, but in-game I found it is very difficult to tell difference between light green-dark green and light blue-dark blue. I made my own version which I like a lot more. Dark green/blue are darker, light green closer to yellow and lowest category back to black :) I can upload my color file if anyone interested.




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Well, I will try and get a screen shot later.


But it is all good but for one issue.


The lowest level under 46% - "Beginner" should be a dark red. But it shows as a grey (off white colour)


It is because wotlabs screw up, they are sharing such colors in their colors.xc, I have fixed it.

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