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ZJ Reload Timer -- Making adjustments?

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Hey Aslain,


Amazing work as always. I wanted to find out if anyone knew what file I would I modify to change the placement and color of the reload timer. I have been playing with the ZJ_MRL.xml but I am not sure if thats the right file for adjusting the timer color and or placement. 


thanks for you help

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Thanks! Do you know which lines it is off hand, I want to change the enemy circle and unber from red to white or blue or anything not red, I am CB :( alos want to move it up a bit. Been trying different adjustments but cant seem to find the right one. 


Thanks a bunch!

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Enemy circle and "unber"... what the hell is unber? :P


The enemy circle is this:


(you can see the other color options by going into: res_mods\0.9.15\scripts\client\gui\mods\ZJ_Mods\flash\ and adjusting the file name in the above line, or other lines, accordingly)


As for the position:

Don't think you can change that, when using the flash/OTM circle marker... only if you're using the text display instead. (Which is probably the lines you've been messing with)

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