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tank info on carasel not loading

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I have tried to load the tank info in the tank carousel ie... tank mark of excellence, % win, number of games played in that tank ect.... but it doesn't appear in the carosel... also the xvm file is only 173 MB though that might be the issue since the xvm file is usually twice that size.... also after reloading when I go to activate the down load on the XVM site it says I have already activated the down.




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Wait what... the XVM file is 173 MB?... Which XVM file is that?

The entire XVM zip file from their website is a tenth of that size, about 17 MB.. if not less. :)


And in best Mythbusters fashion: "Well there's your problem!"

         Clean install without XVM (experimental) <<<<<<<

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You're not supposed to try that.. it's the option you're using right now. You're clean installing WITHOUT XVM... that's obviously why XVM isn't working for the carousel info.


        Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!) < use THAT option, and not the one below it, which removes XVM, as it says :) hehe

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