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Randomly stuck at battle loading when in platoons and Strongholds.

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This problem has been occuring with the last several versions of your mod after the 9.3 game patch.


About 20 - 25% of the time that I try to enter battle while in a platoon, tank racing, or in a stonghold group, I simply do not load.  I find that if I exit the client and restart it it usually load into battle.  Of course, this usually puts me into battle sometime after everyone has moved off cap.


I currently have v.3.9.15_93 installed.  I did follow your instructions for "all necessary steps towards safe installation."


Thanks for putting together a great mod.



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Sounds like it could be the issue with using TeamSpeak during battle loading screen?

But that's only a guess, so.. If you're using TS, don't use the push-to-talk button when the battle loads, I suppose.


Not sure if that you're issue though or if there are other ways to avoid those "freezes".

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