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Wows zoom mod causing problem

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He has posted an updated ModPack that fixed the zoom mods.  Make sure you have the latest version of the ModPack to see if it fixed your problem.  If not, post the Aslain Log Files as described in this post.



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8 hours ago, BlueKQ said:

hmm.. no logs.  Please see the link in my post above about posting issues.  With just the information you provided, it is impossible to track down.

I don't need a log for this problem in concrete

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9 hours ago, Thorki said:

I don't need a log for this problem in concrete

Logs also list every mod you installed in case there is a conflict between some that are causing your problem.  They also list the version of ModPack you are using. Maybe Aslain spent all day fixing your problem and released an updated version, but you are still using an old version.  Many reasons to include a the log file zip with every bug report.

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