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OTM Reload for WOWS?

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Is there anyone here good at coding who can tell me if we could create a Overhead reload mod like the one in WOT?


That would be amazingly valuble, you could turn just as the enemy was loaded, and in WOT as long is it isnt actual reload time its legal.


TBH there are so many cool WOT mods that WOWS could benefit from.


Hell for newbs Hitskins would be awesome, and since you never aim right at the target it just reminds the newbs where to aim.

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56 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Didn't people get banned for using "running lights" that showed if the ship was moving or not?


Running Lights is not an illegal mod.  I searched and read through pages and pages of forums posts where it was even mentioned and it was never declared to be illegal. And it fits within the acceptable mod because it only displayed information that is available by looking at the ship.

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