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Garage Sorting Menu Missing?

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Before the Football mode broke my previous version (v9.15.02 I believe), the garage had a dropdown menu that allowed sorting options in addition to the new vanilla sorting menu. Most important for me, was the *non* elite query, not available in the vanilla menu box.


Has this been removed temporarily, has it been renamed and just not selected by me (I read through the change logs and v9.15.16 options several times; maybe I missed it?), or was functionality changed by a 3rd party like XVM?


Many thanks for your assistance.


(PS - I accidentally posted this in "General Discussion"; perhaps an admin could delete that thread if empty)

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I've noticed now that you can set tanks as reserve but they don't go anywhere. I like using it so I can clear out my inactive tanks to keep my garage from being so cluttered up.


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