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tic tac sauron cross hair not working

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Did you go into the crosshair selection in settings and look to see where your installed mod was set up and then select it.  For example, the description says it is installed as static crosshari 1, but it might be installed as Static Crosshair 3 or Static Crosshair 8.  Check all the static options until you see the one you installed.

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On 6/16/2016 at 3:20 AM, BlueKQ said:

The default setting is on Static Crosshair type 2.. did you switch it to Type 1? Can you post a screenshot of what your type 1 looks like?



Like I said before, "I kept getting the stock world of warships cross hair."  I never get the cross hair from the mod pack when I selcet the Tic Tac eye of Sauron cross hair.  I can't show you what Type 1 looks like because it never shows up in game.  With older versions of the game and mod pack the cross hair worked fine with no issues.


I tried uninstalling the mod pack and installing ti with other cross hairs and they all work fine.  My issue is the Tic Tac eye of Sauron cross hair NEVER shows up and its always the stock in game corsshair.

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I tried it again, reinstalled WoWs and downloaded the latest version of the WoWs mod pack.  WHen I select the Tic Tac eye of Sauron cross hair and start the game I get the stock WoWs cross hair.


I don't know what the issue is because with previous versions of the mod pack and previous versions of WoWs I NEVER had this issue.  The Tic Tac eye of Sauron cross hair always worked fine.



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No one else is reporting a problem with this crosshair.  I was able to install all the mods listed in your log files and was able to see the crosshair in the settings under static Type 1.  I am trying to help you, but since I am not there on your machine, I have to ask you questions and ask you to show me things.  We could try a remote desktop style tech support tool where you can watch me while I control your computer and check things, but since you don't know me, you may not be comfortable with that. 


In the meantime, please open WOWS, go to the settings menu, click on the Controls tab, then the Select Crosshair button, select Static and Type 1. Then take a screenshot to share in this thread. I wan t to see what option one is after you have installed the mods.

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