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Request for new Large Player Panel setup

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I use "Panel & Windows by Aslain (in-battle)">Players Panel>Large Panel>With HP Bars - version #1


Each time I install Aslain's, I then go in and edit C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\PP\playersPanel_large.xc


- I replace "name%.12" with "vehicle%.22"

- I replace width of 56 with 66

This gives me a large panel which shows Tank name, a health bar, and an icon. Any chance of making this "With HP Bars - version #4"?


I am not interested in the player name during the battle, and check it on the Tab stats screen when I need to, or by pressing Alt.


I also request the complete removal of any illegal mods, such as aim assist mods.


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I can think of it, meantime you can use Aslains_Custom_mods folder to install your mods after mine.


What illegal aim assist mods do you mean? I don't remember having any aim bot and what not in the modpack...

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There aren't any specific mods that I am thinking of, although I think that anything which helps aiming is illegal, according to the mod developer guidelines, and I thought I had seen aim mods?


It is just more important to me that I can download it, try anything that is in there, and not have to worry about things being illegal and getting me banned.


Where can I read more about the Aslains_Custom_mods folder?


Thanks for the answer.

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