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Contour Icons not visible above tanks

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Hello Aslain, hey folks,


so I've installed "PogS from Assassik - Color MAX FSR RLD VR". The icons are shown in the loading screen and in the panels and the battle statistics (TAB) in-game.

But they're not shown above the tanks in-game and neither in the options tab, where I can see only the standard icons. 


Also, if I add the contour icons manually or by adding it to the custom mods folder into "res_mods\\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contour" they are indeed shown, but they're all colored green for allies and red for enemies (haven't taken a screenshot of this, yet, but will do if necessary)


I've installed the mod pack by selecting Clear Installation and chose to delete the DLC cache folder... two times.

I guess I've messed something up or chose mods which work against the contour icon mod, but there are so many in this pack, I couldn't find out what I might did wrong by my self >_<


So, here you go with some screenshots. Logs are attached.















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