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Gun markers disappear and can't left mouse click buttons

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This has been with every 5.7 mod pack, but last tested with Aslain's WoWS ModPack v5.7.0.04


The problem doesn't show up right away, but takes a battle or two.  When it happens you will not have gun markers, but still have gun sights.  So you won't know where your guns are pointed.  Also when it happens you can't click on buttons with the left mouse button, like the "i" in the lower right in port to see your game info, or the accept button if you go to settings.  The enter key or spacebar will work for selecting a button if it is highlighted.  


This has happened every time to me, and with .00, .02, and now .04


I just want to mention again that it doesn't happen right away.  So maybe an end battle condition, winning or losing, or leaving battle condition may cause it.  Not sure what else to mention.


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@FullTankHave you tried removing the mods that have a direct affect on the gun markers?  Start by removing Gun Marker #7 and the Over Target Markers.  Others have reported problems with the mods that use hud_lib.swf so I would also remove all of those.  Aslain told me he will either work with the authors to fix Sixth Sense and Trap Sense or try to work on them himself as both of those popular mods are causing problems.


Also, take a look around the forums. Others are having the same problems. You could see if any of the advice that helped them will help you as well.


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On 6/28/2016 at 11:36 PM, BlueKQ said:

Thanks for the update.  Glad to have it confirmed.


Maybe @Aslain can disable them until they are updated.

To clear it up like in other threads....


Guys whenever you can use buttons to exit battle, and use Tab key to go to other options and bassically not use your cursor but use keyboard as a workaround the HUD_lib.swf or the HUD library file that contains every warning sign, every ribbon, every part of the compass and makes up THE ENTIRE collection of all the tiny parts that makes the HUD is messed up.


So there was a bad Torp warning mod. It was saved improperly and it forced the image of the cursor 40-120 pixels higher than the actual cursor was. Everyone thought it was some serious issue when in reality a image file got saved into a huge library [think giant scrap book of pictures] in the wrong place and so you thought your mouse was broke when in reality it was not aligned.


Same thing here guys, WHENEVER ANYTHING to do with the HUD goes crazy 9/10 without fail this one major file that 99% of all graphics mods use has been messed with and done wrong.


So first thing to do is see what graphics mods you are running. A new sixth sense logo? Thats the Lib file. A funny SOS icon or a cool new set of ribbons , really it is any icon or picture on the HUD. Here is the example of Ribbons being unpacked in a SWF/Lib file funny enough from Aslain :)


So guys pass this info on and start to learn more about the great modding sytem. It really is a blast. I was a newb 5 years ago and now  can edit almost any type of mod there is, from simple image editing to simple Python to basic C+. But mostly as a community the modders who did WOT and now WOWS have very much kept WG alive and in buisness. As bad as cheating is mods are the only reason a game like these remain at the edge, they simply copy what modders do first. And companies like Gajin who dont allow ANYTHING and hide the way there game works...Well you can see, they are on life support.


Learn the basics so guys like the Aslain and his team can take more time doing meaningful modding, and networking with modders rather than answering the same 5 questions in 100 diff ways every patch.





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