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WG ratings instead of WN8


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There is a mod which displays WG ratings instead of WN8 ones.

Personally I dislike WN8, first as it does not reflect your actual performance, second it motivates people to do things which is good for themselves but bad for the rest of the group.


Here is a link to it: http://wothungary.hu/xvm-modok/wg-statisztika-nem-xvm-mod

You can see the pictures and there is 2 links below where you can download. "LETÖLTÉS" = Download.

First link are the "number", 2nd is the "Dot" version.

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Select WGR rating in the installer, and thats it.

This ^^^



However, the WarGaming rating is relatively useless. WN8 accounts for your effectiveness in battle, other than spotting damage... which means it does a great job at reflecting your performance. It compares your damage output to those of other players. The WarGaming rating is partially based off of battle count, and other ratios such as survival and hit ratio... which ultimately does not reflect how you did in battle...

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