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XMQP - How to enable?

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I have XMQP enabled on the XVM website, and I have both the XMQP OTM markers and player panel markers enabled, yet I don't see any indication of it being enabled -- not the XMQP enabled markers on the large player panel and no OTM/PP XMQP spotted/flipped markers. I scanned through the settings while installing the modpack a few times, but I didn't see any checkbox to enable/disable XMQP on the modpack side. Am I missing something?

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On 7/9/2016 at 11:59 AM, Quaksen said:

Keep in mind that others need XMQP enabled as well, for you to see if they're spotted or flipped over.

I realize that, but I don't even see the enabled/disabled markers on the large player panel. I am playing with others in platoon who also have XMQP enabled on the website, and OTM/PP markers checked, but we don't see any info from each other or any other players. Is there a setting I am overlooking in the modpack options to enable XMQP? I've played upwards of 350 battles over multiple versions of Aslain's over the past few weeks and I have yet to see a single hint of XMQP being enabled.

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